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Our Chiropractic Techniques

chiropractor PenrithDr Frank Portelli (Chiropractor) is well-versed in a variety of adjusting techniques that we’ll use as appropriate to your condition. On your visits, we’ll adjust only the areas that need it, delivering the specific, effective healing that your body requires.

Activator Methods®

A double spring-loaded stylus instrument is used to adjust your joint structure, initiating a response in the joint itself and interacting with the spinal nerves. This gentle technique is especially appropriate for acute cases.


This program, consisting of analysis and adjusting technique in one, is used to study your X-rays or to give sitting adjustments. There’s no rotation used in this technique, so it’s safe and comfortable.


Dr Frank uses the principles behind this method in determining how best to adjust our patients. We use the Thompson table combined with these principles to give you the adjustment your body needs.


A special table puts you in a comfortable position for your adjustments, allowing us to use a light thrust with no rotation or discomfort. The table and gravity do most of the work, allowing us to adjust individual segments when needed.

Same-day and Saturday appointments are available. Contact us today to find out how we may be able to help you live a healthier life!



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