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Services at Nepean Centre for Spinal Health

We offer a variety of chiropractic techniques and services designed to help you feel great! Dr Frank Portelli (Chiropractor) uses chiropractic techniques to align your body, addressing any structural problems. In addition, we may recommend the other services we have available to you, depending on your condition.

Dry Needling

Dry needling PenrithIf your condition is too acute to have an adjustment, or you’re having problems with TMJ (jaw pain), knees or wrists, dry needling may be an excellent option.

Foot Levelers™ Orthotics

The wear and tear your feet take can lead to instability in the spine. Stabilising the three arches of the feet or plantar vault with custom made orthotics allows your spine and pelvis gain a balanced foundation, stable pelvis and helps our adjustments hold better; balancing the body from the ground up.

You can read more about Foot Levelers™ orthotics on their website.


Supplementation PenrithDr Frank has been using minerals to make up for nutrition deficiencies or treat conditions since he started practicing 40 years ago. We find our arthritic patients see much improvement through supplementation with the Blackmores range, and many patients can reduce the amount of medications they’re taking.

Massage Therapy

You’re welcome to visit our massage therapist whether or not you’re a chiropractic patient at our clinic. If you’re a patient of Dr Frank’s, he may recommend you receive a massage to help your body heal.

Visit for more information.

Chiroflow® Waterbase Pillows

Massage PenrithIt’s well known that your pillow not only significantly affects your quality of sleep, but also your quality of life! Chiroflow® Waterbase pillows are customisable and adjust to your head movement during the night, providing continuous cervical spine support. Dr Frank can advice you on the best pillow for you.

We offer emergency hours and accept health funds. Benefit from the changes we’ll help you make in your life. Contact us today!



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